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    Villa Emily is located in the northern part of Kefalonia and is only 5 km away from the

    enchanting port of Fiskardo.


Luxury & Hospitality

Built in a unique place and surrounded by lavish greenery, Villa Emily offers luxury and comfort. It is an ideal place for guests seeking a peaceful holiday and serenity away from city stress and everyday life routine. The aesthetics of the interior of the villa combined with the private pool, the beautiful surroundings and the stunning landscape, will surely fascinate you.

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Benefits & Amenities

The comforts and amenities of the villa is truly inexhaustible! All rooms are air-conditioned to make your stay even more comfortable. The WiFi is available and free of charge in the villa and the outside pool area. During your stay, the cleaning service will change your linens/towels every 3 days. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary serving and cooking utensils.


up to 7 people


LCD 32" με
with satellite antenna

Air conditioning

throughout the villa

internet WiFi

free in all areas


Every 4 days
linens - towels


and washing machine


oven for
quick use

Private Pool

Swimming pool
inside Villa


for body / face


Informations & Attractions

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and is located in the Ionian Sea between Zakynthos and Lefkada islands. Kefalonia is famous for its beautiful beaches with turquoise waters. The visitor should visit as many beaches as it is possible since each of them has its own unique beauty.

The beach you should not miss for sure, is the internationally award-winning Mirtos beach which is a 25 minutes drive away from Villa Emily.

A blessed place to visit

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for every direct booking in July & August!

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  • Villa Emily

    Villa Emily

    Surrounded by plants, in the village Markantonata, Villa Emily is waiting for you to enjoy relaxation and serenity...

  • Villa's Exterior

    Villa's Exterior

    The exterior of the villa has a swimming pool and sun beds for the whole family or friends . The outdoor dining area is convenient for all hours. There is also an umbrella to keep you safe from the sun.

  • Villa's Evening View

    Villa's Evening View

    The beautiful design of the villa in combination with the special lighting, make the villa a real gem as the evening approaches.

  • Villa's Afternoon Bath

    Villa's Afternoon Bath

    The evening lighting of the pool will allow you to swim all day long!

  • Villa's Pool View

    Villa's Pool View

    The overflow pool is big enough and it has jacuzzi. You will love these features!

  • Villa's  Bedrooms

    Villa's Bedrooms

    Beautiful and spacious bedrooms with comfortable mattresses , bedside table, large closets and console with mirror.

  • Villa's  Living Room

    Villa's Living Room

    Large and comfortable living room for 6 people with air conditioning and WC on the same level. The 32 "LCD TV with satellite channels, will accompany you on your carefree holiday relaxation!

  • Villa's Kitchen

    Villa's Kitchen

    The fully equipped kitchen of the villa will make you feel like home as it provides all the comfort you need!

  • Πισίνα
  • Πισίνα
  • Πισίνα
  • Πισίνα
  • Καθιστικό
  • Καθιστικό
  • Καθιστικό
  • Καθιστικό
  • Κουζίνα
  • Κουζίνα
  • Κουζίνα
  • Κουζίνα
  • Εξωτερικός Χώρος
  • Εξωτερικός Χώρος
  • Εξωτερικός Χώρος
  • Εξωτερικός Χώρος
  • Myrtos Beach

    Myrtos Beach

    The magical Myrtos is the Kefalonia's beach that no visitor should leave the island without a visit! The crystal blue waters in combination with the white sandy beach, have placed Myrtos one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world several times. Myrtos is located 30 minutes away from Villa Emily, in the direction of Sami.

  • Petani Beach

    Petani Beach

    The Petani beach, characterized by many as the most beautiful beach of Kephalonia after Myrtos. The white sand with small pebbles and crystal clear waters will fascinate you. There are taverns and cafes not only by the sea but also on higher level featuring panoramic view. The Petani beach is approximately 50 km away from Villa Emily.

  • Xi Beach

    Xi Beach

    The beach of Xi is a different beach because of the reddish sand! This beach is a common destination for visitors of the island. It offers beach bars, restaurants and water sports. It is fully organized and in conjunction with its shallow waters Xi beach becomes ideal place for families. The beach is 65 km away from Villa Emily.

  • Παραλία Σκάλα

    Παραλία Σκάλα

    Η παραλία Σκάλα διακρίνεται για την τεράστια αμμώδη παραλία της η οποία βρίσκεται δίπλα ακριβώς από ένα καταπράσινο πευκοδάσος! Το μήκος της παραλίας είναι σχεδόν 3 χλμ. ενώ ταυτόχρονα είναι από τα ποιο οργανωμένα σημεία της Κεφαλονιάς καθώς διαθέτει θαλάσσια σπορ προς τους ενδιαφερόμενους αλλά σημεία ησυχίας και ξεκούρασης. Τα καταγάλανα νερά της καταλήγουν στην αμμώδη παραλία στην οποία θα συναντήσετε κατά τόπους να έχει ψηλό αλλά και χοντρό χαλίκι. Η Σκάλα είναι στο νοτιότερο σημείο του νησιού και απέχει περίπου 75 χλμ. από την Villa Emily.

  • Παραλία Αντίσαμο

    Παραλία Αντίσαμο

    Η παραλία Αντίσαμος είναι μια από τις ομορφότερες του νησιού! Πρωταγωνίστησε στην ταινία "Το Μαντολίνο του Λοχαγού Κορέλλι" καθώς αρκετό μέρος της ταινίας γυρίστηκε στην παραλία. Η θάλασσα χαρακτηρίζεται από τα φανταστικά τιρκουάζ νερά της ενώ είναι πλήρως οργανωμένη καθώς διαθέτει beach bar, ξαπλώστρες, ομπρέλες, θαλάσσια σπορ και άνετο χώρο στάθμευσης. Απέχει περίπου 5 χλμ. από το λιμάνι της Σάμης και 40 λεπτά από την Villa Emily.

  • Παραλία Λουρδάς

    Παραλία Λουρδάς

    Μια πολύ όμορφη και γνωστή παραλία της Κεφαλονιάς είναι ο Λουρδάς! Η μεγάλη αμμώδη παραλία του Λουρδά προσελκύει οικογένειες και ζευγάρια λόγο της εξαιρετικής τοποθεσίας και των πεντακάθαρων νερών της. Είναι οργανωμένη και προσφέρει ξαπλώστρες, ομπρέλες και θαλάσσια σπορ. Απέχει περίπου 1:30 ώρα από την Villa Emily.

  • Fiskardo


    The beautiful and cosmopolitan port of Fiscardo is just 4 km away from our villa. Fiskardo is a picturesque place since it has remained untouched by the earthquake that hit Kefalonia in 1953. By staying in our villa , Fiscardo will be your nearest destination for fun and recreation. You will find restaurants, souvenir shops , cafes and bars!

  • Cave Drogarati

    Cave Drogarati

    Drogarati Cave is over 100 million years old and it is located near the Melissani Lake. The magnificent cave consists of stalactites and stalagmites and reaches a depth of 60 meters. Our proposal is to combine this trip with the Melissani Lake and then go and rest at dreamy beach of Myrtos . It is 40 minutes away from our villa.

  • Melissani Lake

    Melissani Lake

    The grotto of Melissani is also located near Sami and is 40 minutes away from our villa . You shouldn't miss the opportunity to take a guided boat tour of this magnificent geological phenomenon and enjoy breathtaking views from within the cave.

  • Castle of Assos

    Castle of Assos

    The fort - castle of Assos was built in the 16th century and is 20 km away from our villa . The peninsula of Assos seemed the perfect place for Venetians to build the castle in order to protect the island from potential invasion. The project was completed in two years and the castle had walls with a perimeter of nearly 3 km.

  • Katavothres


    Katavothres, a place of exceptional natural beauty and geological mystery is located 60 km away from our villa . In there, the water entering follows a wide path across the ground almost around the entire island . At the end of this journey, water ends at the grotto of Melissani and Karavomylos.

  • Kreatopita (Meatpie)

    Kreatopita (Meatpie)

    Kephalonia is famous for its meat pie called ''kreatopita'' which is truly unsurpassed in flavor and taste. This pie is quite thick because of the rich filling used by locals. It is considered to be a true special dish to choose in the picturesque taverns of Fiscardo. Don't miss it...!

  • Lobster spaghettis

    Lobster spaghettis

    Lobster pasta although is not a local Kefallonian dish, it has become a must-try! All of Kefallonian tavernas and restaurants have mastered this recipe, so this is automatically classified as a top choice for dinner!

  • Rompola wine

    Rompola wine

    Robola is the local, traditional wine of Kefallonia. Surely you've heard of and for no other reason than Kefallonia's reputation as a place with fresh, well cooked fish. A great meal is always accompanied by first class wine!

  • Mantolato


    Mantolato is a local treat of Kefallonia. It contains almonds, honey, sugar and egg white. You can buy it from any tourist shop and it is a great choice for gifts to your relatives and friends or for you to try it since it is very tasty and energizing!

  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    At Fiskardo, only 10 minutes away from Villa Emily, you will find two diving schools which can undertake your training and guide you through the dreamy waters of Kefallonia! They offer complete first level training in 7 to 10 days and also basic equipment rental for guided tours!

  • Fishing


    Kefalonia is a worshiped place of fishermen because it offers simple fishing from the dock up to speargun in magical places that you cannot even imagine! By using the trolling method you will also find fishes that will leave you speechless!

  • Boat hiring

    Boat hiring

    In the picturesque port of Fiskardo you will find rent boat kiosks so as to discover the private parts of our island! Hidden beaches that will remain unforgettable! Our advice is to not skip this activity from your summer vacation!

  • Walking trails

    Walking trails

    Around our villa just a few minutes away, there are paths with special signs for excursions! The trails will place you right in the heart of wild vegetation of the island with total security even for the younger fans of this hobby. The old and the new lighthouse as well as the smallest theater of ancient Greece, are only some of the few attractions that you will encounter!

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